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The Tartan Horde

Finnegans Wake, on the other hand, lends itself to travel, since you don't miss out on any plot or character development by reading it drunk.

If you're looking to impress, I understand Dune is a real panty wetter.


Confederacy of Dunces impresses people. Almost every pseudoliterate claims that as their favorite book.


i have a crappy romance novel you can read. or some nancy drew.


hey tom, that is only true if it is 1990 and you are in 9th grade.

very metal

i will take you up on the nancy drew. thank fuck there's internet in the hotel room. metal needs a drink. i wish i could head back to the napper tandy...

very metal

i saw some guy with a skateboard strapped to his backpack reading a copy of confederacy of dunces in the airport. i was impressed. i swear to god.

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