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Ojo Rojo

Been keeping up with the World Cup quite a bit since I have created a lot of "free" time while I procrastinate instead of doing 50 MBE questions a day for the bar exam.

So far I'm liking Spain and Germany. Spain is due and they're looking good. Fernando Torres is one of the leading goal scorers in the tourney right now. Germany's got the whole home field thing working (which worked out pretty well for France in '98). Plus, Miroslav Klose is really, really good. I haven't seen England or Brazil play yet and they're teams to watch. Also, Argentina is overrated.

USA will beat Ghana but the Czechs will either tie or beat Italy. So, the U.S. won't get out of the first round.

very metal

the u.s. will not beat ghana. you heard it here. off the record and very, very hush hush. africa is stronger than you know.

england appears to be in a bad way with the loss of owens - it may not matter how many matches he'll be gone for.

spain i have not seen yet play yet but have followed the matches online. the ukraine match was great, tunisia not so impressive.

germany do seem to be playing well. very much not like germany.

brasil were better against australia than croatia (no shit), but they could get (much) better than the field very quickly. they're still the smart money, especially if they play better still against japan. confidence breeds confidence, and it's all about peaking at the right time. then again, if you peak too late in the knock-out rounds then...

you underestimate argentina at your own peril though. they are very strong. could-go-all-the-way strong.

my beloved mexico are in for a tough road if they make it to the round of 16 - argentina or the netherlands. oy gevalt...

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