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Helen Back

How about this super-sleuth action, the illusive Mr. Weksler appears to live in SF, and I have his phone number and an alternate email address. I'll email the details to you.

very metal

cheers to helen back for solving a mystery that was truly ailing my heart. i spoke with ivan today on the telephone and it was a lovely thing.

a note to the rest of you: you cannot keep coasting on helen back's accomplishment's forever. just an fyi.

billy bonka

The detective club has been disbanded, alas, or I would have called down a thunder so mighty that it would shake the very foundations of your existence. and gotten a phone number.

very metal

the detective club will never be truly be disbanded. this i believe.

The Tartan Horde

Happy Bloomsday, Very Metal.

very metal

and also to you

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