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Ted, what is your email address?

Ojo Rojo

This is actually way more listenable than I thought it would be. Call me crazy but I thought I could hear things. And things within things. Nevertheless, I wondered from the beginning (before ever hearing any Jandek) and I still wonder whether the man and his band are perpetrating some elaborate ruse on us. Like some sort of avant garde Spinal Tap where the guy doesn't actually know how to play guitar but simply bangs on an instrument so that some sound, any sound comes out. All the while the audience thinks they are witnessing genius and because that's what everybody thinks might be happening nobody wants to raise the point that Jandek might be full of shit.

As an apparently devout Jandek fan, what are your thoughts? Is this guy for real or is this bullshit?

Ojo Rojo

Oh, and what happened to my link? Did you take it down as punishment for my anemic posting of late?


That point has been raised about Jandek before. It might even be true.

Then again, that point was also raised about Paul Klee and Picasso.

very metal

if jandek (or the representative from corwood, or whomever) is one thing, he's earnest. not to say he doesn't enjoy what he's doing but no, i don't think he looks at "jandek" as a kind of joke or andy kaufman-esque performance art.

so... can the representative from corwood play "music"? he's an improviser first and foremost, so you're not going to get what you might be expecting from a straight forward band or singer-songwriter or whatever. he's going for whatever he's moved to create, and it seems clear he's pretty unconcerned with its limited appeal. he's an artist, you know?

can he do something more accessible? well there certainly are more accessible records in the jandek catalogue. i think he's got (straight ahead) chops, i just don't think that's what moves him.

typelist housecleaning error corrected.

Ojo Rojo

This could easily lead into a whole "what is art" or "how do people perceive art" dialogue, which I would love to have. Way too much to type though.

I haven't been exposed to enough of Jandek's work or history to be able to tell what he's doing. From my point of view, the first step to creating something that has any artistic value is intending to. Even if the guy can't fret a chord that's okay because there is some value to free expression no matter if there are hours and hours of practice behind it or if what he's doing is completely spontaneous. I think I get that. What bothers me is that I would be pissed off if I spent time listening to his music, searching for patterns and sounds, thinking about them and interpreting them only to find out that he's just fucking with me.

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