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Long have I railed against the stupidity of the magnetic ribbons. At long last I have found folk of kindred spirit. Thank you, very metal, and God bless.

very metal

You're among friends here, llogg. Think of this as your "safe place". Then think up your "safe word" and let me know.


I may be reading too much into this , but i once saw a support our troops ribbon right on the little square door to the gas tank. Man that's ballsy.

Aww, man. I can't afford to buy any, but here are a few i would like to see

Bang a virgin, it pisses off terrorists.
'Your Message Here'
Support the color yellow. (on a yellow ribbon, of course)
Support Bras
My other ribbon is Green
Al-Qaeda (or anything in arabic) (to be put on the car of someone you realy hate) Hey Cursed, would that be a 'crime'?
I went to war and all I got was this stupid ribbon
Penis Enhancement Survivor
Nymphomania Research
Kobioshi Maru
Chaotic Nuetral
May the Force be with you
Clone Wars
Suport Literacie
Nothing to support here, move along
First Place (white or silver on blue)
Green Eggs and Ham (i think i would actually pay for this one)


Very nice, MathJames. I'd like to get one that says "Support our oops."

Two Dishes

Now THESE are a healthy response. The conservatives drive me nuts but when I am tempted to return hate for hate I try to keep it in check. We need to return hate with these. The best response to bitterness is jokes. BTW, love the Jefferson Starship one.

very metal

"Support our Oops" might be the best so far. Also, I don't think you'd get arrested (or the charges wouldn't stick, anyway) for putting a funny magnetic ribbon on someone else's car. Be on the safe side, do it in public (at the mall or whatever) so as to stay away from trespassing.


Whoa, we've both been writing about magnetic ribbons? I put a ribbon on my car that says "support magnetic ribbons," and it lasted all of 2 or 3 days before someone swiped it.

Does the proprieter of Secret Comics also drive a fancy Volkswagon? That's terrible! Buy American, and stop supporting those terrorists.

very metal

The proprietor of Secret Comics in fact drives a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville, a/k/a Bonnie a/k/a Opal a/k/a The Land Whale. No terrorist support here! Well, maybe just moral support -- you know, "Keep up the excellent jihad!" or "Good work with that car bomb!", that sort of thing.

The proprietor of Secret Comics sort of likes referring to himself in the third person and might keep this up for a while.


It stops referring to itself in the third person or it gets the hose again.


A slew of magnetic ribbons would look so bitchin' on a 1994 Bonneville.

very metal

Yeah, it might. Part of me worries that the excess magnetivity might cause my steering wheel to go koo-koo or something like that. Of course, I could be over-thinking things a bit.


um. this is hilarious and made me almost wet my pants. thanks very metal. thanks a lot.

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