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Ojo Rojo

So I'm not making it to ACL. Again. May I please experience this event vicariously through you? Who are you interested in seeing? Daily reports? Reviews? If you're going that is.

very metal

ACL... meh. I would have been pumped most to see Explosions in the Sky, followed by I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, but otherwise... welp, I could have gone to see the Shins just to see what all the fuss is about. I babysat for a co-worker last weekend instead. Me, a 14, and a 9-year old road go-karts and bumper boats, in addition to watching the entirety of Futurama season III.


This ACL was a great lineup. Don't go all elitist.

Unmentioned by you, but great:

New Pornographers
Massive Attack
Secret Machines
Flaming Lips
Son Volt

I'm not even mentioning the "pretty good" bands like Iron & Wine, Calexico, etc., or the "uncategorizable superacts" like Willie, Van, and Tom.


i am also super fond of cards. gin and hi lo jack to name a few.

also we just got this game called blokus that is awesome.

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