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The Tartan Horde

Your best one yet.

minnie the moocher

hahaha. this is awesome. its like having you here in bed with me. wait. your talking over yourself right now. hahahah.
all these bands are boys tho.

minnie the moocher

oh wait no! you aren't... i had you playing from the browser AND itunes. hahaha. dorkus!

very metal

damn yr right! i now have the new podcast all laid out i think... keep in mind that i'm working from what parts of my record collection i've ripped so far, so as new ideas pop up i go back to the racks and gather up all the relevant materials to copy. keep yer eyes peeled

tartan horde: rip and send me a copy of yr xmas gift from julie, asap

minnie the moocher

strangely i woke up this morning thinking about our old spanish teacher and how she stole my School is Hell book in 8th grade. i'm still angry about it. and woke up worrying about how i would deal with a school stealing my kids things... a parenting anxiety i really wont have to deal with for like a 10 years...

very metal

ms cooley... i remember her looking a little like a boohbah


Man, this is good stuff. Some days, I feel like I might be a cyberg.

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