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The Tartan Horde

Excellent work. That was my favorite SC podcast thus far.


Concur. Thanks for the dedication! Didn't know you liked the New Pornographers, but that song is a classic jam. Thanks x 100. And as for "Good Guys...", the Minor Threat version would have been preferred, Mr. Brief Aside smartass. Although I appreciate the education, as I never knew it was a cover.

HSF's "Pisces" is a classic; one of my favorites forever -- "I have to stay real far away from drugs and alcohol". If you can swing it, give me an encore next time w/ his masterful "God of Golf"!

The water sign. The magical mind. So caring and kind. Puh-puh-puh-Pisces!

Also, I want to believe that you said 'Krull' and not 'Crawl'. The Glaive awaits as Corwyn's only hope to defeat the Beast! IF! He kind find it...

Also also, I've heard that inspiration is interstitial.

Thanks again for your best podcast yet,


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