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very metal

i had a dream last night where i was college roommates with ira glass. i remember thinking it was kind of awesome but initimating at the same time... but there was also some sort of realization on my part that the dream was completely ridiculous

very metal

and so i have the showtime hooked up... that's super-bad.

i am contemplating hosting a TAL watch party. all american foods, all american drinks, all the time. hopefully my friend lia and her husband would come, i haven't seen them in ages. i know they're fans

the biggest get, of course, would be the snowman who can benchpress 400 pounds.

and yes, i am pretty much posting comments to myself at this point

The Tartan Horde

If only we had a group of very canny investors capable of locating such a promising variety show headliner. Think of the money we could make in Indonesia alone.

Fly By

Somehow through a maze of links, I ended up at your blog, and well I have to say your quite interesting, in the good way. And go Ira Glass, he kicks so much radio and now showtime ass.

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